Jul 23, 2010

Beware! Cat Sleeping

 So there I was, sleeping like a kitten and dreaming of catnip and a world free of Dorks. (Remember rule #2, the word "dog" shall be replaced with the word "dork")

Just around the time in my dream when I was reaching catnip nirvana, I was abruptly awoken with the two dorks running around the living room and making so much noise that even a deaf cat could hear. They act like the humans are gods or that they always have an endless supply of treats in their pockets. Even when the humans go to the store and return TEN minutes later , they act as if they were gone for a year and get all excited just to have the humans back. Stupid dorks.

So to get even with them for taking me away from my dream right at the moment of true bliss... I did the following.

BEFORE - The dorks sitting in the living room.

AFTER - The dorks outside in the rain after I locked the door.

Meowhahahahahahaha (Evil cat laugh)