Jul 20, 2010

Cats Rule and Dogs Drool

Hello, my name is Frankie. You may call me Mr. Frankie or Frankie The Cat. I'm here to set a few things straight about the world as we know it. You know, the feline world and the earth that we are here to rule. I understand some of you may be skeptical about my vision but I assure you that we have been planning and establishing checkpoints that will lead us to world dominance. Some of these checkpoints have been achieved and we are heading into the next phase... Animal Kingdom Control.

First and foremost, we are here to let the Canine species (Dogs, for you pups that may be reading this) know that we are the superior species and we will be setting up some rules for you to follow from here on out.

We need to establish a list of Cat Rules. These rules will apply to both Human and K9. Here are the first two rules that we will build off of.

Cat Rule #1 - We are the keepers of the humans, not the other way around.
Cat Rule #2 - From this day forward, The word "DOG" shall be replaced with the word "DORK"

Cats will be united all around the globe in this effort and this blog will be our calling cry for Feline Victory.

About Me

I'm an old & cranky cat most of the time. I have moments of cute, funny and playful. I play when I want, not when you want me to. If you piss me off, I might leave you a "Golden Nugget of Love" for you in your best pair of shoes.

Here is a list of characters that will be on this blogging journey along with me, their leader.

Accomplice #1 - Chai The Cat / You will rarely see him with his eyes open. He's in deep thought 20 hours out of the day.

Dork #1 - Tiko The Dork / What can I say, I make him do the dirty work.

Dork #2 - Allie The Dork / She's along for the comedic interlude, not much else.

I look forward to sharing with you some insights to the superior species and what happens in the daily life of a cranky cat. Now get out of here, and don't bother me until I meow for you!