Apr 30, 2011

Tiko - He will be missed by human and feline alike

Hello feline friends, choice humans and canine companions,

As you may know, I normally omit the word DOG for the word DORK but for this post, I shall be respectful to the canine species.  The animal kingdom and the humans lost a good dog this week when my buddy Tiko passed away.

Tiko was part of my life for over 10 years, all the way back to when we both were puppy and kitten.  We grew up together and I was able to teach him the fine art of being a dog in this cats household.

He learned to sniff out the treats that the humans would try and hide from us. He learned that playing with a cat is NOT in his scope of duties as I recall giving him a bloody nose for getting to playful.

I even attempted to show him how to look like nothing had happened when the humans came into the room to investigate a loud crash.  (Apparently, this is something only us cats can do properly)  He handled much of the dirty work around here and took the blame for many of the things that I did.

Even though he was a dog, I think we had a relationship of trust. I trusted him to warn me when trouble was coming and he trusted me to run away before trouble reached us.  LOL

I will miss this dog, as will the humans. Here is a tribute video that one of the humans put together.