Jun 1, 2011

Hip Hop Frankie - Rap Cat Music Video

Some cools cats passed this video along to me and it made me think... If a cat hand puppet could get over 3 million views then surely a REAL cat like yours truly could do even better! So I broke into the humans recording studio to flex the golden pipes!

Hey! There's a reason they call me Frankie, it's because I sing like Frank Sinatra :)

Anyway, the media got wind of the fact that I was recording. The paparazzi showed up and went wild!
I had to close the recording session to the public. I may have inadvertently roughed up a camera man or two while trying to kick them out. :)  (This is when it's handy to have a dork dog around to do your dirty work)

Oops, did you need that 1000 dollar camera lens?  Meowahahahaha  :)