Mar 4, 2012

Down With Dorks! Help Stop Feline Oppression!

 Down with dorks! It's been a while since I posted on this blog, so I thought I would freshen it up with some new pictures of yours truly, Frankie McCranky. I check out the human staff's "Funny Cats" folder and this is what I find!

FELINE OPPRESSION!! Just look at what these dorks made these cats do for them, and then they chase us all around the house like if a red laser dot were on our tails!
 This must stop immediately and the tables should be turned.
I think it's about time the dorks give us a back rub instead of a drool puddle around the water bowl.

I'm to distraught to blog now, I have claws to go sharpen and a dork to find.  :)

p.s. I have always replaced the word "dog" with "dork", it just works out better this way.  Frankie